New courses starting in September every year.


We accept students onto the course in the order they have submitted their applications and then paid for the course.  Anyone making a submission after a course has reached maximum capacity will have the option of joining a waiting list for the next intake.

The information you provide here will be held in the strictest of confidence. We will only use it to process your application and to administer the course.  It is your responsibility to let us know if any of the answers you give below change over the duration of the course. 

Why are you interested in studying the FBT? What are some of your expectations for the course?
What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of participating on the FBT? (For example time commitments, challenges with submitting written work, participating in the video discussion groups?)
At the time of writing this application, can you foresee any reason why you may not be able to complete the two years of study in the time allotted?
Do you have any physical, mental or emotional issues that you feel we should be made aware of, in the interests of yourself, fellow students and the tutors? Any information given will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Please tell us your time zone. This is so we can group you with others in similar time zones whenever possible for our discussion groups.
Please let us know if you are currently enrolled on any other courses and if so, when they finish. Please also let us know if you have current plans to enrol on another course in the next two years.
How did you hear about the FBT Course?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself, or share with us?