COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Khen Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, abbot of Sera Mey monastery, will be guiding us through the Vajrasattva practice text or sadhana.  This will include a commentary on the Four Powers. The Vajrasattva visualisation and 100 syllable mantra is cornerstone of any purification practice in Tibetan Buddhism.  It is an extremely effective practice from a psychological as well as a spiritual point of view, and even more so when incorporated into the Seven Limb Prayer.  Geshe la will be leading us through the single deity practice, which doesn’t require an initiation.

For many of you this practice will be an old friend.  Once learned, it can become a quick, easy and indeed indispensable daily practice.  

As usual, Geshe la will be giving an in depth commentary based on a variety of sources, all in his trademark down to earth style.

We hope you’ll join us once again for another very special series.

DATES:  Geshe Tashi will teach for eight Sundays: the 16th and 23rd January; every Sunday in February; and the 20th and 27th March.  There will be a time zone change before the last class, so please do check your prospective time zones.  We will send a reminder email in advance.  To register for each class, please scroll down to the red button below.

TIME:  3.30pm to 5pm UK time, 8pm India, please check your local time zone changes this Spring.  Zoom Meeting and Facebook Live Streaming will be available from 3.20pm for those wishing to touch base, catch up or chat. 

LOCATION:  These teachings will be available to join as a Zoom meeting,  and will also be live streamed on Facebook.  Recordings of the classes are available here (please scroll down), on our blog, on Facebook and on our FBT YouTube channel.

TEXTThe text is available to download here.

DONATIONS:  You will need to make a voluntary donation to register for each class.  This can be £0.00.  PayPal processes the donations, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

    • All donations go through the FBT’s bank account, set up as a Community Interest Company.
    • Half of all donations will go to Geshe Tashi and his charitable projects.
    • The other half will go towards the growing costs of running both sites and hosting these teachings. 

A big thank you from us and from Geshe la for all your donations so far.  From our side this has allowed us to employ a part time assistant, James, to help with the workload.  One of our FBT students, Danny, generously lent him to us to edit videos over the summer (he was an intern in Danny’s company), and now we’ve been able to employ him part time.  He’s already proving invaluable. So many thanks again for your generosity.  

REGISTRATION:  To join Geshe Tashi in the Zoom Meeting, please register for the next upcoming class using the button below.  You will need to register each week.  Currently the Meeting is limited to 100 participants per week on a first come first served basis.  When you register successfully you will receive an order confirmation email. There will then be an additional period of time before you receive the Meeting link. We have to complete each order manually, and only on completion is the link is sent to you.  If you have received an order confirmation, rest assured we will make sure you receive your link before the class begins.

HOW TO REGISTER:  You don’t need to have a PayPal account to register or make a donation.  A few people have struggled with the process, and we’ve made a visual guide which we hope will help.  You can see it by clicking here.


We will begin the teachings ten minutes early to allow some community time together.  Geshe Tashi will join near to the beginning of the class.  At 3.30pm exactly, we will mute all except Geshe la, and he will begin.


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