Geshe Tashi on The FBT Course

Why study The FBT Course?

“If we examine our lives, it is not difficult to see how we are continuously searching for some form of happiness and trying to avoid the pitfalls and dissatisfactions that seem to plague our existence. This is as true for us living in this modern technological world as it was for the people of the Buddha’s time. And now, just as then, we are continuously getting it wrong. Everything the Buddha taught was to lead us out of the suffering we so unskilfully inflict on ourselves and to bring us to a profound and lasting happiness. The problem is not one of relevance, but of accessibility. I hope that his course will allow you to enter into one of the world’s great philosophical traditions.”


What continues to make The Foundation of Buddhist Thought Course relevant today?

“The people now interested in studying and practicing Buddhism live in the twenty-first century, in the middle of all this modern technological and economic development. Their leisure, lifestyle, and commitments are totally different from the norm of even just fifty or sixty years ago. I feel, therefore, that Buddhist texts and study materials must take into account modern society’s lifestyle.

Furthermore, due to the ease of travel, many Westerners have received teachings in Asia or have heard Asian teachers in the West. For many students of Buddhism, study has been in a piecemeal fashion, dependent upon whatever teachings were available. Many people have listened to various subjects but have never received a solid overview, one starting from a fundamental Buddhist teaching, such as the Four Noble Truths, and progressing systematically up to the most profound teachings, such as those of highest yoga tantra. For that kind of person, I wanted to provide a structured programme.

And I wanted to make it as accessible and relevant as possible.

For a long time I have felt that there is a need for Buddhist teachings explained in some detail but in very plain language, without Buddhist jargon. No question the Buddha’s teachings are relevant, but the way they are presented makes a great difference as to whether people can actually assimilate them into their everyday lives. It is my hope that this course provides something easily readable, yet still with depth and structure, that allows people to read and study over two years and take those wonderful teachings into their lives in a way that is truly meaningful. That has been my goal for The Foundation of Buddhist Thought on-line course.”

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