Launching the FBT Course

Our first days of publicising the new incarnation of the FBT online course have seen an outpouring of support and kind words from many of you. We would like to thank everyone who has left comments, signed up to the mailing list expressing an interest in doing the course, and emailed us. It has been very heart-warming to feel this wave of support.

Some people have expressed their desire to help ‘in any way’ they can. We’re very grateful that Geshe Tashi and the FBT inspire this kind of unconditional generosity. It is still very early days for us, and so all the ways in which we will need help are not yet clear. As we get into our stride running the programme, there will be more ‘skilled’ help required. But even now, when we’re working flat out to get the course up and running for a January start, there are ways that those of you who want to help can do so. This is just a list of things to help the very keen get started.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of things that you could do that would be helpful to us getting the FBT off to a successful start:

• Recommend friends do the course (as long as they are prepared to commit to the whole 2 years!)
• Promote the FBT on social media.
• Put up a link to from your business or personal website.
• Review one (or all) of the FBT books on a bookselling site, and mention the online course in your review. Besides the obvious Amazon reviews, there is also GoodReads and GoogleBooks.
• Keep the course, its students, and its success in your thoughts and prayers.

These are all small but meaningful ways you can help us right now, before we’ve even properly started. Any positive thoughts and acts you send our way will be very much appreciated.

This is our first blog post – we hope the first of many. We plan to have all kinds of things here for you, and will be unveiling those plans bit by bit, all in good time!

This course has been built by many, many caring people over many years. We’d like to thank you for being here with us from the very beginning of our particular journey with running the FBT. It is exciting, and daunting, but we feel we are very lucky to have been able to pick up and give new life to a course that is so clearly loved by so many people.

Tri and Peter

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    Thank you so much to Geshe La, Tri and Peter for ensuring that this wonderful course is available to students old and new. I’ve literally just finished the course at Jamyang Leeds this month. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made both to my understanding of Buddhism and my practice. The books of course are beautifully written and very accessible but there’s nothing quite like being able to ask the questions that you’ve been always curious about and to learn together. Thanks for the suggestions on what would be helpful to get this up and running this time. I’ll definitely be doing the book reviews and letting friends know who could be interested. Wishing everyone on the course much joy and clarity. Chrissie

    1. Peter

      Thank you so much Chrissie, wonderful to hear from you!

      Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a very Happy Holidays!

      Peter & Tri

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